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A brief history of Croatia

  Multilingual concise encyclopedic article on the political history of Croatia throughout 14 centuries
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Original Metodios
Metodios is the oldest known Croatian book which contained conclusions of the Duvno Sabor in the year 753 on the organisation of the Croatian state. Its name and contents are preserved in old Croatian chronicles.

    „Should anyone wish to fully know the orders that were made, and borders that were drawn, and names of the lands, he should take the books that remained with the Croats and reside with them, and their name is Metodios.“ (Croatian Chronicle)

The meaning of the name Metodios is Order of administration (D. Mandić). It is called Rationale in the Latin translation of the Croatian Chronicle by Marko Marulić, the father of Croatian literature, in 1510.

Metodios was a collection of Early Croatian laws (L. Jelić), a kind of Croatian Corpus Iuris Civilis (Z. Kulundžić).

What is Metodios

METODIOS is an internet collection of formalised and transferable knowledge about Croatia, presented through the main topics.

Inspired by the original Metodios, which codified the key organisational issues of Croatian state in the early Middle Ages, the New Metodios has a mission to standardise the key spiritual determinants of contemporary Croatia, in the form of fundamental knowledge about its history, culture, society and state.

According to standard theory of knowledge management, the concepts of explicit and formalised knowledge are identical and transferable by definition. Fundamental knowledge that is presented through the main topics of Metodios, must comply with stronger requirements of formalisation and transferability, in the following sense:

  Formalisation: Assumes completeness (full assessment of certain topic, which is not partial, limited or doubtful) and conciseness (reduction to essential and focus on important, without unnecessary loss of attention to less important details), as well as harmonious balance of these two requirements.

  Transferability: Assumes legally possible transferability of texts that are subject to copyright.

A brief history of Croatia is the first main topic provided by Metodios, in the form of encyclopedic article of 14 sentences about major events in political history of Croatia throughout 14 centuries.

  Besides Croatian, the article is currently presented in additional nine largest European languages, with an aim to increase substantially the number of European and non-European languages.

  The Croatian original of the article is quadriscriptal, including modern Croatian Gaj's Latin, as well as three other historical scripts of Croatian language, Glagolitic, Croatian Cyrillic and Arabic.

  The article is primarily intended for business community as additional country information, which can be copied and pasted without the source attribution requirement. Metodios hereby encourages free reproduction and distribution of the article through media, publications, official documents, business overviews, and elsewhere.

  The article has been reviewed by several reputable experts who supported its contents and format. Moreover, Metodios intends to obtain and publish additional relevant recommendations and opinions.

  This article is not commensurable with numerous classical and modern valuable works about the Croatian history. However, the accelerating contemporary world requires availability of such quick, concise, standardised and reliable information about Croatian history.

METODIOS is an independent and non-governmental initiative, which autonomously selects and prepares topics for presentation, by relying exclusively on opinions provided by independent reputable experts. Metodios is a non-profit private philanthropic initiative, which is financed exclusively by donations of its founders and supporters. All prospective sponsorships shall be published on this website.


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