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A brief history of Croatia

  Concise encyclopedic article of 14 sentences about major events in political history of Croatia throughout 14 centuries, in 7 languages
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Credentials of the article „A brief history of Croatia“
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Included as the official country history in the Prospectus for the Republic of Croatia sovereign Eurobond issue

The Prospectus for Croatian sovereign EUR 1.5 billion Eurobond issue due 2025, among other, contains the chapter Overview of the Republic of Croatia, including the section History, which consists of the article „A brief history of Croatia“ in English language.

The article has been reproduced in full. The only modification is subdivision in six rather than three subsections. One sentence devoted to international relations is added at the end.

The Prospectus is available at Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

Metodios welcomes the official use of the article adopted by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia.

Note: The article is also used in the subsequent issues:
 20.03.2017 Eurobond EUR 1.25 bn due 2027
 27.11.2017 Eurobond EUR 1.275 bn due 2030

Reproduced as the executive summary of the article Croatian history on the Croatian Wikipedia

„A brief history of Croatia“ has been included as the introductory summary of the main article about the Croatian history on Croatian Wikipedia, available at

The article has been reproduced with several modifications. Three words were changed in three respective sentences, while one sentence was extended. Five new sentences were added, of which one in the middle and four at the end of the article. By putting more emphasis on recent events, the amendments make the text less balanced than the original. Overall, the modifications did not significantly distort the contents or structure of the article.

Metodios expresses its gratitude to editors of the Wikipedia for using the article.

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